Sky Yoga FAQ

What is Aerial?

Aerial is a style of performing arts that features different apparatuses to help achieve various shapes through body movement. Aerial isn't just a physical workout, it is also a lifestyle that includes practicing kindness, compassion and patience.

What apparatuses do you offer and what is the difference?

We currently offer Aerial Hammock, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, and Pole Fitness. All of our apparatuses have the ability to spin. 

Aerial Hammock-One continuous silk with a loop at bottom 

Aerial Silks- Two separate silk panels

Aerial Hoop/Lyra- One continuous hanging metal circle 

Pole Fitness- One solid metal pole

What are the benefits of Aerial?

People report experiencing many benefits from regularly practicing aerial. The most common are: improved strength and flexibility, improved mental clarity, a reduction of stress and anxiety, better cardiovascular health, improved self esteem and awareness, along with weight loss.

Do I need to be flexible or in shape to try Aerial?

No. A regular practice will increase your flexibility and improve your shape! If a pose feels uncomfortable for you, feel free to come out of it. The instructor will can assist you with finding a variation that better meets your needs. The more you come to classes the more comfortable you will become.

What can I expect for my first class?

Please pre-register for your first class online. Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can show you around and give you a studio tour.   Print and fill out this waiver and give to the front desk person when you arrive. We also have waivers at the studio if you prefer to fill it out there.

What should I wear?

We encourage comfortable, form-fitting attire that allows students to work safely in poses and move freely. Please no clothing with zippers or anything that can snag on the aerials. For Aerial and Hoop, we recommend long pants (cotton based works best, avoid slippery materials) and a t-shirt to cover the under-arm and mid section. For Pole shorts and a sports bra or tank top allow for the best grip. Please remove ALL jewelry including watches and engagement/wedding rings prior to class. This is for your safety and the life of our equipment.

We practice barefoot, be sure to remove your shoes and socks; you can leave them in the cubbies in the studio mudroom area. Please avoid lotions, perfumes, and oils prior to class. 

What should I bring to class?

You can bring your own mat if that is your preference. We offer mats for you to use. Water is allowed and encouraged in the studio rooms. Phones are allowed in class but must be on silent and not a distraction to the instructor and other clients! We offer free time at the end of every class for you to take pictures or video.

Why should I refrain from eating before class?

During class, your body is in motion and is twisting, turning upside down, bending forward, etc. If you have recently eaten, in particular a large meal, you may be uncomfortable. If you are concerned about your energy level during class, you are more than welcome to try eating a light snack, such as fruit, nuts or yogurt. Please make sure you are well hydrated the day of class!

Still have questions?